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Our Vision to "Be the Light"


We desire to be the foundational "brick" and "mortar" of meaningful professional development to guarantee tenure readiness and strategic non-instructional skill development and execution. We want to influence, empower and sustain measurable impact on student learning, parent action ownership and continuous professional skill acquisition and proficiency.  

Our Mission as the "Light"


To create sustainable and measurable professional development habitual core activities for educators to ensure tenure readiness and continued knowledge and skill acquisition in educating parents and students. 

We strive to empower all stakeholders to become proficient in their essential role in students' academic, social and emotional maturation.  

Our Belief in the "Light"


  • We believe that our most proficient disposition as educators is our sustained positive symbiotic relationships with all stakeholders.
  • We believe in respectful, honest, ethical and responsible professional engagement.
  • We believe in productive and active professional participation in the pursuit of our educational goals and objectives.
  • We believe that our resiliency and interdependency is absolutely necessary to meaningfully achieve and sustain our planned goals and objectives. 

Our Services

Workshops & Modules


We offer workshops for cohorts of educators through 13 transformation  modules that will help you cultivate educational paradigm shifts in teaching, school leadership and systems-level change.

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Strategic Advising


Learn more about our strategic advising opportunities for teachers and administrators to take your impact to the next level. 

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